Sunday, January 29, 2012

Like This

Ok, so you met Chai in the last layout I posted.  She is such a joy to me.  She was a surprise too, I never thought I wanted dog again.  I have had dogs before and have an allergy to them.  But when I saw her it was "love at first sight."  Sounds very silly, and I suppose it is, but it is true.  She looked at me and I at her and it was decided in an instant.  During the first weeks I had her, I had to buy air purifiers, special dog shampoos, air cleaners, medicines for me,  etc. to be able to handle having her.  I found a system that worked and it's been smooth sailing as far as the allergies.  Chai ate some dog treats from China when she was a pup and it made her very sick.  (Please avoid buying dog treats/food from China!  It's NOT safe!)  After that experience she refused to eat dog food, or kibble.  So I did some research and I decided I would make her food.  She eats mostly meat, veggies and rice. She's picky about dog treats and won't eat many kinds of those.  I have been suprised to find myself being one of those people who dote over a little dog, and I never thought I would be "like this."

She wanted to get in the picture with her layout.  She knows.  It's pretty awesome having her as a pet!

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